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Ella’s voice and presence light up the room in a way few performers can match.  To see her perform live is to take a step back into an easier time when the warmth of the songs took over a room and swept the audience up into that atmosphere.  Her recorded projects do no less.  Recorded with top-notch producers, arrangers, musicians and impeccably presented, these offerings will be a treasured part of your music collection.


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Ella’s fabulous studio recording with the Rick Steuart Orchestra.  Full on arrangements of classic tunes that you’ll enjoy again and again.  Songs such as “My Foolish Heart,” “Autumn Leaves,” “Besamé Mucho,” “The Shadow of Your Smile,” and 9 other fantastic tunes. Listen to Samples & Purchase Downloads


Ella’s gospel offering, produced by legendary Nashville producer, Rick Powell.  Join Ella in worship with these uplifting songs that will have you singing along in sweet harmony.  Songs such as “I Need Thee,” “People Need The Lord,” “Jehovah Rophe,” and 7 other great spiritual tunes.  Listen to “Peace in the Valley” and “I Turn to Him” offered below. Purchase CD

I Turn To Him

Peace In The Valley