Ella’s parents gave her a flair for the dramatic


Ella’s Biography

Miriam Ella Stapleton was born in St. Charles, Virginia. It wasn’t even a year before Ella arrived in Ybor City, Florida and has never left the area. She married her childhood sweetheart (David) at the age of 16 and raised 3 children; Debbie, Dana and Mark. Today they have four grandsons, and three honorary grandchildren. (continued below)


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Biography, continued…

Ella’s father always told her that she was born with a song in her heart, as she constantly made up her own songs and danced to the melody of the wind.

Music has always been her companion.

Today, Ella continues cultivating many interests; one of which is caring for hurting people; especially women. She serves on the board of the Women’s Resource Center of Tampa. She is always involved in community activities; hosting charity Christmas Home tours, serving on the Jr. Women’s League of Brandon, and hosting charity fundraisers for the women of Haiti.

Ella is also a devout Christian and is active in her local church; the women’s ministry and the women’s mission team.

Other hobbies include decorating and entertaining…and using her intuitive skills as an amateur detective.

Her newest adventure is writing her first book 
“Becoming Ella, Inspirational Memories.”